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Take A Sad Song & Make It Better

Nothing is Real

Jude Alexander
10 April
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Who: Jude/Jordi/Jo
When: April 10, 1989
Where: Surrounded By Peaches
What: Writer
Why: Just going along with the groove
I'm Just me, I write, I Read, I do what i do, that's about it..

admirals arm's, allan a dale, anakin skywalker, anime, anit-avril, anita blake, anna popplewell, archery, aslan, bbc's robin hood, ben skywalker, beru lars, billy, blood, broken angel, chewbacca, cowboy bebop, cs lewis, dancing, davy jones, demon spells, detective conan case closed, djaq, dorian grey, dr allison cameron, dr eric foreman, dr gregory house, dr james wilson, dr lisa cuddy, dr robert chase, edmund pevensie, elven spells, fighting, fire, frankie muniz, georgie henley, good charlotte, guitars, han solo, harry lloyd, hot topic, hugh laurie, internet, interview with a vampire, inuyasha, jacen solo, jaina solo, james mcavoy, japanese mythology, jean claude, jeremy sumpter, jesse, jesse mccartney, jesse spencer, jim hawkins, joe armstrong, jonas armstrong, kurama, kuwabara, lando calrissian, laughing, lestat, lilo and stitch, lucy pevensie, luke skywalker, maid marian, martin billy martin, moony, movies, mr bever, mr tumnus, mrs bever, much, muppet treasure island, music, my cell phone, my eevee, my family, my friends, my laptop, narnia, necromancers, new found glory, obi wan kenobi, october, oreius, owen lars, padfoot, padme amidala, paul mccartney, paws, penny lane, peter pan, peter pevensie, phasing through walls, piercings, pietro, playing my guitar, princess leia organa, princton plainsboro teaching hospital, punk, punk rock, queen of the damned, quidditch, ramen, redeemer, representin gc, ringo starr, robin hood, rurouni kenshin, setting things on fire, singing, skander keynes, skittles, sophia bush, star wars, stay alive, stuart townsend, supporting gc, susan pevensie, swink, swordsmanship, talamasca, tattoos, the 80's, the andrews sisters, the beatles, the crow, the marauders map, the monkees, the nightmare before christmas, the shire, the vampire lestat, vampires, video games, werewolves, who framed roger rabbit, will and grace, will scarlett, william moseley, wine, wizard's chess, x-men evolution, yu yu hakusho, yukina, yusuke